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Young Love on a Hike - Dog Hiking Entry by xMush-Kennelsx Young Love on a Hike - Dog Hiking Entry by xMush-Kennelsx

My Entry for The Dog Hiking Event

Hosted by *Nanyuq

Trevor, Chewy and Taylor enjoy a nice hiking Trip with Chrizaan and Shannon!

Trevor's Page: [link]

Chewy's Page: [link]

Taylor's Page: [link]


There must've been something about that day... it might've been the way the sun was shining down on the group just perfectly. It could've been the little tricks the birds and the bees were playing on two certain souls. Or it could've been the... almost peacefulness of the walk. Other than the continuous sounds of yapping and rough-play.

Trevor turned his head around for probably the twentieth time, only to see yet again, the two youngters rough-housing behind him, their leashes tangling in the process. Poor Shannon was constantly trying to keep them untangled, but it seemed that with every success she had with seperating the severely tangled lines, they'd only get messed up again.
Shannon looked at Chrizaan, obviously stressed out about the current situation. The team of two women and three dogs had barely gotten half a mile up the trail and the six-month-old puppies, Chewy and Taylor, were already being handfuls. Trevor barked a low-pitched warning to the pups, and they ceased their rough-play. Papa dog knew it wouldn't take too long for it to back-fire on him again.
The group continued walking up the trail, Shannon controlling the pups, and Chrizaan leading Trevor. The two ladies talked about the casual things... the dogs, men, future plans for the kennel, men some more, and even what they had for dinner the night before.

"...I don't know, Chrizaan, he's just... so immature." complained the brunette.

"Give him some time, Shannon." she smiled. "Remember, guys don't usually mature until they're twenty five. He still has a few years to go."

"I guess you're right..."

"Just don't wait forever."

"Speaking of not waiting forever... where's that restroom you said we'll be arriving at soon?"

"A mile up." the older female simply stated.

"Ahhhh I can't wait that long." Shannon cried, making a face and dancing around and bending over like she really needed to go to the bathroom.

"Well then don't wait, go!"

"Where!? I don't want other people to see me!"

"Hmmm...." Chrizaan looked around the area, and spotted a small patch of brush. "Over there. It seems to block view."

"...Alright, but if I get seen, it's on you." Shannon pointed her index finger at her boss in a playful manner.

Quickly tying Chewy and Taylor's leashes up on a nearby tree, Shannon quickly dashed away awkwardly to the bush. Chrizaan turned the other way so the other woman wouldn't complain.

It didn't even take then seconds for the pups to being fooling around again. The adult dog quickly noticed this, clearly annoyed. Trevor rolled his eyes, and looked up at his owner, as if to plead "help me." The woman chuckled and patted him on the head.

"Oh, Papa. Don't want to let your son grow up, do you?"
The dog half-sneezed, as if to say no, and looked back up at Chrizaan. She smiled, knowingly.

"Let him. I'm sure you'll be very proud to see a future champion... somewhere in that... playful heart of his." Chrizaan then kneeled down, slipping her orange hiking pack off her back and opening up the strap. Grabbing three bottles of water, she quickly looked up at Trevor and asked him if he wanted water. The fawn husky wagged his tail, and Chrizaan unzipped the pack strapped onto his back and grabbed two pop-up travel bowls from it.

"Here pups! Want some water while we're waiting for Shannon?" Two fluffy heads with bright eyes shot up, and immediately raced over towards Chrizaan, as far as their leashes allowed them to go anyway. The dirty-blonde woman walked up the pups and gave them water, enough to quench their thirst. Trevor the same. She took the third bottle for herself and drank from it, thirsty, but not as much as the dogs. It was a hot Summer day, and the huskies' thick double coats didn't help to keep them cool in any way.

"I think we'll give you guys a bath when we get back home."

She didn't have much time to think of anything else when she heard footsteps jogging toward her. Turning around, Chrizaan saw Shannon jogging rather refreshingly toward her and the dogs. She stopped next to Chrizaan, and grabbed a water for herself before jogging back to the pups and unhooking them from the tree. Probably not thinking straight, she tied the puppies' leashes to herself. The moment the pups discovered this, they dashed off almost madly, very easily dragging Shannon along with them. She yelped in surprise, and couldn't do anything but almost comically sprint with them, desperately trying to keep up.

Chrizaan grinned cheekily and looked down at Trevor, meeting eyes with him. The dog seemed to be smiling from ear to ear also. The woman gently tugged on her dog's leash, gesturing for him to follow. Trevor happily obeyed, and the two jogged off in the same direction as the other three, not really seeming to try to catch up to them. In the distance Chrizaan could hear Shannon wildly sreaming out "stop" to the pups, over and over again.

Yep... those pups are going to need a loooot of work!



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